Tea Distributors In Mumbai

Toast Your Friendship with the Cup of Premium Tea

India is a top tea producing and tea consuming country in the world. Tea was bought to India by the British and they encouraged Indians to adopt tea in their daily beverage. It is said that the British did this to stop the monopoly of tea production in China and create a new tea producing region in India along with a market for tea. Over the last century tea has become one of the most important beverages in India and a part of the culture of the country. Assam and Darjeeling are major tea producing regions in India though tea is produced in many states in the country. Assam Tea, Darjeeling Tea are internationally recognized brands and known all over the world. Pasio is a top brand in India which sells Premium Tea made from handpicked tea leaves from Assam and Darjeeling giving it a rich taste, flavor and aroma. Tea is made in Indian homes as well as in restaurants and tea stalls all over the country.

Enjoying Premium Tea with Friends

The most popular beverage in the country is tea. Top quality premium tea made from a special blend of Assam and Darjeeling tea leaves is often used for entertaining friends and also served for special occasions. On a rainy day in India, enjoying a cup of premium tea with friends is a great way to toast friendships. In India, tea is called Chai. Mostly in India, while having a cup of tea with friends, Chai is enjoyed with an assortment of snacks. Tea Time snacks is favorite for Indian people and generally, enjoying a good cup of tea in the afternoon with these tea time snacks is a great idea. These include pakoras, kachoris, samosas, dhoklas, vegetable patties, and chaat are some of the types of tea time snacks enjoyed with the tea. Usually, savory snacks are enjoyed with tea as they go well with a hot cup of tea and form a perfect afternoon or evening a meal. Usually, with friends, the first question the host asks is when the guests want their hot tea. Tea is usually made just before it is served as Indians like their tea piping hot.

Many people in India tend to drink tea many times a day. Meeting a colleague, meeting neighbors, meeting friends and family members in India are all accompanied by a cup of premium tea. There are many grades of tea that are available in the Indian market. Pasio is a premium brand that offers different types of high-quality tea in India. The Premium Tea that Pasio sells is a top quality tea that is produced by using the best tea leaves of Assam and Darjeeling. Tea has very much become a part of the daily lives. Some people in India like to drink tea so much that they have tea many times a day. India has tea lounges and chains of restaurants that revolve around the tea. Having a cup of tea with a friend and toasting the friendship with quality tea is a great idea.