When it comes to growing your business exponentially, an excellent Distributor network is one of the main requirements of the business. But first, let's understand the term. A distributor is nothing but a person who purchases products, holds them, and then sells them through their network or distribution channel. That is, they are the middleman between the manufacturers and the retailers or consumers. You can earn profits by selling products in large quantities. Apart from sales, it is packed with other fruitful benefits like increased customer base, increased sales, etc.

When you are trading in retail, the profits are good but at the same time, the expenses are high and a considerable part of your profits are spent to meet these expenses. But if you switch to become a Distributor, the expenses are minimized. However, a question may arise in your mind that the profits are too low in the wholesale business. Well, this can be easily matched by the fact that the sales as a distributor will be much more than the sales as a retailer. You can use internet platforms like to grow your business as a Distributor

Also, you will be indirectly selling products to a very large number of customers. in this way, you will have an established consumer base which will definitely help your business to grow exponentially. The big issue of dead stock will be resolved. The products which remain unsold for a certain period of time because of lack of interests, defects or any other reason are called as dead stocks. In retail business, dead stock is one of the main reasons behind losses. As you become a Distributor, these issues are easily resolved as you will be working on a simple principle of demand and supply which is not so complex.

Another benefit is that the requirement of marketing and advertisement is entirely eliminated. This is because of the fact that the main promoters of a products are either the manufacturers or the retailers. A middleman, most of the time, is not involved in these activities. It simply means that you don’t need to care about the sales. Your prime focus shifts from sales to networking.

To sell a products as a retailer, you need a specific platform like a shop in the local market, a website, etc. These platforms are generally very expensive. Hence it is not a wise decision to invest in such platforms and then in the business. However, once you are a distributor, you don't need such platform. As a distributor, you may require large storage houses but the advantage is that these storage houses will be less expensive as they will be on the outskirts of the city.

Once you have established the network, all you need to do is focus on how to expand this network. And as the network of your retailers grow; you will see an exponential growth in your customers as each retailer will bring hundreds of new consumers.